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Welcome folks! This is going to be my blog on speed skating, endurance training and racing, health, diet and nutrition, and anything else that I deem relevant.

I’ve been inline skating since 2007. I’m not exactly sure when I descended down the path of speedskates and lycra (actually, I still usually reserve lycra just for racing), but I guess it would have been some time around 2010ish. I’m far from being the skater that I would like to be, but I am working my way a little closer each day through better and smarter – not just harder – training. However, I also believe that good diet and nutrition forms the basis of our health, and without fueling your body correctly you are undermining your best efforts in training.

On health and nutrition, I enschew the conventional high-carb approach in favour of a high fat approach, as I believe this is superior for both health and for fueling during endurance sports.

There are many sportsmen who have discovered – or known for a long time – the superiority of being “fat adapted”. More and more we learn of cases where sportsmen and women, both elite and amateur, have success in their chosen sports by rejecting the diet which is supposed to be healthy and good for us. These are the two themes which I am most passionate about, and they complement each other perfectly.

Keep reading – I hope that you enjoy some of my ramblings and even learn something along the way.



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  1. Van
    July 25, 2014



  2. Nats
    July 26, 2014

    Go Vano!


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