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“Berlin Double” training begins this week

After LeMans, my B-race this season will be the Berlin double marathon in, er, Berlin, 11 weeks away.

This will be my first running marathon, so I have no real expectations, but I’d like to get around in a respectable time. 4hrs? Difficult but possible. I’ve actually done much more running this year than I ever have, and back in March/April was getting up to 20-21km runs before LeMans took priority, so I’m hopeful that my legs haven’t completely forgotten the work I put in earlier this year. Last Thursday I did the JP Morgan CC (5.6km) in 26:16, which I was very pleased with (considering I’m still not 100% recovered from LeMans), so I evidently have some anerobic fitness.

There is also the not inconsequential matter of the skating marathon on the Saturday. The two previous times I’ve skated Berlin were 2009 (1:37) and 2012 (1:35). I had shin problems in both races, especially in 2012 and I’m confident that I’m a better skater now than 2 years ago, so the aim has to be to get a new PR in 2014 even if I am holding back and not racing 100% with a view on getting around in one piece and with half an eye on the Sunday race. Frankly, skating marathon distance shouldn’t be a problem for me this year, and I have largely resolved my shin pain problems (thanks to the change in diet) that afflicted me in the past.

The race calendar for the rest of the season looks like:

10th Aug: London Inline Marathon (LIM)
14th Sept: Bacchus half marathon (run) – frankly this looks to be more of a pissup than a race, but it should be a good little jaunt that fits in nicely with my Berlin taper.
27 Sept: Berlin inline marathon
28 Sept: Berlin running marathon

I will begin a new shortened training cycle – plan is to focus on my aerobic base for the next 3 weeks with MAF, before adding a decent period of speedwork (moreso in skating than running). Total training volume will be 8-10hrs/week.


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