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London Inline Marathon 2014 Preview

From the air... x28 laps of this shit.

From the air… 28 laps of this shit.

From the ground... 28 laps of this shit.

From the ground… 28 laps of this shit.

Inline marathons come in all shapes and sizes, and LIM is about as tough as they come – taking place around 28 dizzying laps of Hillingdon Cycle circuit, it is a world away from the cushty closed circuit of Berlin or the point-2-point courses of many other marathons. The field is quite small usually – maybe between 50-100 full marathoners, although there are those who opt for the half marathon, and there is a also 90 minute quad-only event straight after.

I’ve only attempted LIM twice before – the first time in 2008 I DNF’ed with cramp after only 3 or 4 laps – that was a horrific experience – and in 2012 I limped around in about 1hr58m with shin splints crippling me for the first half hour – although that also included 5 minutes of lying on the grass thinking I had finished after 27 laps.

So this year my goal is simply to “do better”. I have been a bit short of skating miles since LeMans, and I don’t see LIM as a priority, but a race is a race, and I’d like to do well. Strategy-wise, the biggest challenge will be to resist the temptation to set out too fast, so I will be racing with my Garmin heart rate monitor and paying particular attention to keeping my heart rate down for the first 4-5 laps. Because of the hills it’s super-easy to set off too fast – which is a bad, bad idea.. skaters who do this almost inevitably blow up a few laps later. I’m older and wiser now.. so let’s see if I have it in me to execute a good race plan.

A lot will depend on the conditions – forecasts are for a decent breeze and there is a good chance it might be a wet race too.. in which case the aim will just be to survive.

Full race report will follow next week.


2 comments on “London Inline Marathon 2014 Preview

  1. theDonnybrook
    August 8, 2014

    I remember that race in 2012. I am third in line in that picture, point of fact. I have skated some hard circuits, including the Metrodome Marathon in Minneapolis, MN, USA, which is 70 laps of flat, smooth, fast, mind-numbing, pain. LIM was a hard one, partly because of that long hill. They miscounted a lap for me, also, which was frustrating. I was reasonably certain that I had counted 28. My suggestion is to get a lap counter, I typically use a pitch counter, one of those little hand-held push button things. Don’t rely on the Garmin, it won’t count laps based on location correctly. Counting the miles on a GPS device will work reasonably well, but that doesn’t mean it will accurately reflect your lap count. Stick with the lead pack and draft as much as possible, and practicing some hill technique will help, if you can find a hill to skate repeats.



  2. wpvandieu
    August 8, 2014

    Hey Donny, I think I may even have skated some laps with you that year 🙂


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