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Training Summary – W/E 2014-08-10

Mon – route check for LFNS on bike
Tues – 5km lunchtime run
Wed – run + gym in afternoon, puntered on Londonskate in pm
Thurs – [Rest Day]
Fri – LFNS cancelled due to rain, so did gym + running
Sat – Relaxed cycle down to Battersea for some pre-LIM leg-stretching. Tottered around with ESS and then did a skating MAF-level time trial too, and will start keeping a record of these results. Initial results were great if you compare them to what I was doing over the winter – encouraging confirmation that my skating has improved since then!
Sun – Raced LIM!


Total volumes
Running: 2.5hrs
Skating: 4.25hrs
Other: 2.75hrs
Total: 9.5hrs


An odd week, as I suppose all pre-race weeks tend to be when you are in short taper mode. Running volume took a backseat, so no long workouts or anything that would leave me feeling tired. Full LIM race report will be for another post, but boy, it was a toughie as I knew it would be.

Been reading more testimonial on MAF – here’s a good read http://misszippy1.com/2013/05/maf.html


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This entry was posted on August 11, 2014 by in Training, Update.

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