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Copenhagen has been added to the Racing Calendar

logoHey what’s up folks?  This is just a quick blog to say that I’ve got the marathon racing bug going pretty strong at the moment and have added the Copenhagen Inline Challenge to the racing calendar on 7th September.  There’s a group of 10-15 London skaters going, so it should be a good little trip.

The marathon is 6 laps of a circuit around a park in the south of the city. It’s pretty flat but can be quite exposed to the wind, and rain is not uncommon. The field should be at least 500 skaters, and maybe nearer double that.

I’ve signed up to do both the half marathon and the full marathon on the same day, as they run at different times – the half at 11am, and the full starts at 1:30pm.

I’ll no doubt have to rejig my Berlin training plan to fit this in – the 7th was due to be my final long run, but now I may have to bring the Berlin training forward and hold the long run the weekend before (4 weeks out from race day). The following weekend is already booked for the Bacchus half marathon, so that’s not an option… or another solution may present itself.  At this moment I’m just excited to be returning to Copenhagen! Last time I did this race was in 2012 with a 1h:49m finish time – again I suffered due to my shin problems at that time.  I should be comfortably faster this year, so we’ll see how I do.

Training is going well. Looking to do more running this week, and aiming to log something around 60km.  Incidentally I heard that there was a strong correlation between MAF test result and your HRV score, and I saw this first hand this week.. my MAF test sucked on Tuesday when my HRV had dropped to about 62, but today it had rebounded back up to 77, which corresponded with a much improved MAF test.  I’ve been meaning to wrote a blog post about HRV which I should get around to in the next few weeks.


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