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DIY Energy Bars


Om nom nom nom…

I know that being fat-adapted means you shouldn’t need  to take on food during exercise, and indeed this is true and I don’t need to eat, but sometimes on longer runs it’s still nice to have something to fill the stomach with. Think of it as comfort eating 🙂

So if, like me, you look at the food labels on virtually everything you buy, you’ll no doubt have noticed that virtually all energy bars follow a traditional high-carb, high-sugar recipe.  It’s impossible to find any bars that I would consider suitable, plus a lot of them are bloody expensive, so I decided that I  would make my own. Here’s a recipe that I use:

Chia Seeds
Peanut butter
Mixed nuts
Creamed coconut
Coconut flakes
Dried dates
>70% cocoa Chocolate (no added sugar)
Whey Protein (1/2 scoop)
UCAN (1/2 scoop)

I don’t worry too much about the exact proportions I use – there’s a wide range of proportions that will work, and you can add more or less or none of whatever else you like.  Just put it all into a food processor, mix it up for a few minutes, and then scoop it out into some sort of tray lined with clingfilm and put it in the fridge to help it set.  

Tip: use a knife to divide the thing up into suitably sized squares before you put them in the fridge to set. This will make them easier to separate when you need them.

Chia seeds are amazing BTW – I consider them a super-food. 

The trickiest  thing is finding a suitable binding agent. Eventually I settled on a few dried dates & melted some no-added sugar dark chocolate and mixed it in. You could use any sort of dried fruit, really.

It’s probably 10-15% carb, but actually I think that’s a good thing because you do need some carbohydrate intake to help fat metabolism during exercise (which I intend to write more about in an future post). 


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