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Measurable Improvement?

MAF skate comparison


It’s nice when you come off a training session that you felt went really well.  This happened to me yesterday and I just wanted to boast a bit about it here 🙂


As you know I’m a sucker for quantifying and measuring everything when it comes to training.  While it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the numbers that are generated, with a bit of experience they become easy to dissect and interpret.


The bulk of yesterday’s training was a steady 21km at MAF heart rate doing laps of Battersea park. 21km is a half-marathon distance, of course, which is just over 7 laps of Battersea… so it’s a good time-trial type of test.


When I got back I pulled up the session record in Strava (I use RunMeter as the native recording app, but it automatically exports to Strava on-the-fly which has slightly easier-to-read format), and compared it to a similar session that I did just over 3 months ago.


My average pace had improved from 3:06/km down to 2:50/km. Heart rate 140bpm vs 141bpm, and pace and heart rate standard deviations were very similar, so effort and pacing wise they were very similar efforts.


So the numbers confirm that I’m getting faster through better efficiency.. to the tune of 16sec/km. Of course more sample data is probably needed, but I do feel that I’m firmly on the right path.


2 comments on “Measurable Improvement?

  1. wpvandieu
    August 19, 2014

    I just gone further back and dug up an older garmin trace from 4/Feb/2014, so over 6 months ago. Here were the results:

    Lap Distance Pace/km HR
    1 1.6 km 03:33 141
    2 1.6 km 03:24 146
    3 1.6 km 03:34 145
    4 1.6 km 03:31 145
    5 1.6 km 03:27 147
    6 1.6 km 03:08 151
    7 1.6 km 03:36 138
    8 1.6 km 03:33 143
    9 1.6 km 03:30 143
    10 1.6 km 03:39 145
    11 1.6 km 03:15 143
    12 1.6 km 03:38 141
    13 1.6 km 03:29 145
    14 1.6 km 03:28 140

    (the split are in miles but the pace is still in km/hr)

    Average Pace/km: 03:28
    Pace StandardDev 00:08

    Average HR: 143.8
    HR StandardDev: 3.1


    Anecdotally this feel about right – I remember that early on this year I was consistently lapping Battersea around 9:30-10:00mins at my “all day pace”, while I’m now consistently going around about 90 seconds faster for what feels like the same effort.

    That’s a great improvement, isn’t it?! Positive proof that this low HR zone stuff really works!!


  2. wpvandieu
    August 19, 2014

    I started a thread about this on Skatelog:

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