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Training Summary – W/E 2014-08-17

Mon – ran to & from work (extended run home)
Tues – MAF Test & gym
Wed – Londonskate
Thur – x2 runs & gym
Fri – ran to & from work (extended run home)
Sat – Battersea skate & gentle cycling
Sun – long run



Run: 8.5hr
Skate: 2.5hr
Other 2.5hr
Total: 13.5hrs

This was definitely a higher volume week than I had planned, with no clear rest days, which isn’t a good thing.  Emphasis was definitely on increasing running volume. The long run reached 29km and felt like hard work. My legs were already a bit tired going into Sunday, but I ground it out, although the last 5km or so I could feel my form deteriorating badly.  I guess at this stage of my running career I haven’t earned the right to be able to go and bash out longer distances with good form all day long.

Will definitely try to work in TWO days’ of rest this week, as my body feels like I need it.

On another note, I have been tinkering with my training log to try to come up with a formula that will try to give a bit more of an accurate idea of weekly “training stress” than simply the hours logged. 2 hours of intervals is not the same as two hours of gentle skating, and has a different stress load on the body.  I already record the activity type, duration and perceived exertion of all my training sessions, so I have what I need. It’s now just a case of formulating it all together. Excel is a wondrous thing. More on this – and on the importance of keeping a training log in general – for a future article, I think.


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This entry was posted on August 18, 2014 by in Training.

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