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This is about as simple as it gets, folks. This dish goes by many names – fritata, crustless quiche, tortilla etc, but it’s basically the same thing.



Egg (x10ish)
Filling of your choice – mushroom, broccoli, asparagus, tomatoes, peppers, chorizo, ham, etc
salt, pepper
single cream

  • cook anything that needs to be pre-cooked (that means boiling the broccoli, boys and girls).
  • beat enough eggs for whatever size frittata you think think you can handle. Add a touch of cream or full fat milk.
  • Mix everything into an oven-proof vessel
  • Mix in some cheese into the whole thing, and don’t be afraid to sprinkle some extra cheese on top.
  • Cover with foil, cook on gas mark 6 for about an hour; remove the foil for the last 20 minutes to give the top a nice crisp finish.

Even an idiot can’t get this wrong!



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