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BART, JOEY, CHAD … the truth!

Words of infinite wisdom… don’t just blindly emulate anyone – you must find a method of training that works for YOU. 🙂

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When discussing training, it’s common for some people to quote examples from super-star athletes. For example, people have said to me recently “Well, Bart doesn’t lean extremely, so if it is good enough for him then it is good enough for me”, and “Joey Mantia does hours of off-skate and one leg hurdle hops and he has massive legs, so it must be the way to train, he’s was the worlds best”, and “Chad Hedrick’s double push was amazingly extreme, I’ve been trying to copy him because he was the fastest ever!” I have many more examples, as people seem to love to do this, especially when they don’t really have enough knowledge to provide a real reason for their point of view.

This style of discussion is just plain unscientific. It’s also often down right destructive to the average persons skating, and in…

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