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Berlin Time!




The time has come! Today is the day of the Berlin Inline Marathon, easily the biggest and most impressive inline marathon in the world. 6,000-odd skater racing through 42.2 km of Berlin’s famously smooth(ish) asphalt. Most age-groupers will be looking to set their PRs, such is the size and nature of the race, which often leads to some hairy moments and more than a few crashes. The inline marathon itself was actually under threat for next year due to falling participation rates, so I’m sure the possibility of it being the last BIM ever persuaded a lot more people to sign up this year. Since then, it has been confirmed again for 2015… Which everyone is happy and relieved about. But it says a lot for the status of our sport when even the largest marathons are under threat and disappearing. But I digress…

Yesterday was spent relaxing, picking up race-numbers and catching up with other London skaters at the Expo. A couple of hours later we emerged with our racebags plus a couple of hundred Euros’ worth of skate kit. Yes, I was weak, but you should see what some of the other victims’ lack of willpower and extension of credit facilities resulted in… The Expo has a way of doing that!

In the evening we dined in a fancy restaurant in the Rosa-Luxembourg area of the city with a mix of skater and non-skater friends, where the nutritional plan was successfully adhered to. Sadly this meant foregoing my usual glass of red wine in favour of sparkling water, but I find it surprisingly easy to do these days.

For the race today I’ll be starting from Block C, which I feel is about right… Most of block C should usually come in between 1:20 – 1:30. A few of us in LSST colours should be in this block, so If we stick together we could make life easier for ourselves. Of course a part of me wants to go all-out 100%, but the temptation should be resisted because tomorrow morning I’ll be lining up with the runners to do it all over again… no idea of realistic expectations for Sunday… My MAF pace suggests that I should be able to come in in slightly under 4 hours – which I would be delighted with. However it goes, I will be running with a smile on my face and waving to the crowds as much as I can! I know I’m going to enjoy it immensely – life’s too short to spend the time on things that you don’t enjoy!

Full weekend report will follow some time next week. If you’re skating and/or running with me this weekend, the best of luck – see you at the finish line!


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This entry was posted on September 27, 2014 by in Berlin.

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