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Training Update: Happy (Non-Gregorian) New Year

grindThe 2015 season is off to a solid and unspectacular start (ie just the way I like it) with the first 4-week block of training completed according to my Training Plan, averaging 10hrs/week, broken down into:

20% skating
30% running
35% cycling
15% strength

At this point the aim is simply to get my body strong and resilient enough to easily handle the 10hrs/week that I’m throwing at it – all short sessions 1hr or less and all at low zone1 – zone2 intensity. Skating volume has inevitably been cut right down and mainly replaced with Turbo sessions on the bike – the weather has not been kind at all in the last month, and the opportunities for any quality outdoor skating has been virtually non-existent. The priority in this early phase of training is NOT speed or endurance, but to put in a foundation of strength and robustness to prepare myself to be able to better handle the heavier training load that will be coming in the new year. This is not the time of year that I want to be waking up with heavy legs and forcing myself through another long workout – there’ll be plenty of opportunity for that further down the line!

I’ve been putting in a consistent daily strength workout, and the plan is to to do so all throughout the base training period. What strength workout am I talking about? Well, a few weeks ago I started and eventually completed the Kinetic Revolution 30 Day Challenge; a simple stepped programme designed to improve running form and mobility – at the end of the programme I did feel that it was of some, benefit. I’m following that up with doing my own daily offskate & squat routine for the next few weeks, which has been helping with strengthening the muscles and joints that we rely on when in the low skating position. So far, so good. The important thing here is consistency – you won’t see much improvement if you do things half-assed and forget or don’t bother to do it every day… In the 30DC Facebook group I see many posts excitedly proclaiming “Day 1 done!” and “Day 2 done!” but hardly anyone saying “Day 20 done!” or “Day 30 done!” – I imagine the attrition rate is pretty high; FFS, finish what you started, people! After setting aside 15-20 minutes every day to do these routines, I can say that I’m feeling much stronger, and can hold the low skating position for longer than I ever could before.


The Bible.

The next upcoming block will be along similar lines, with just a slight bump in volume and intensity in weeks 3 & 4 so that my anaerobic fibres haven’t forgotten that they exist. It’s the hours you put in during this period that build the solid foundations for a successful season ahead.

If you ARE going crazy with cabin fever and just itching to get to the speed and brain meltingly intense stuff, have a read of this interesting & well-written training article; particularly pertinent coming from a strength/conditioning coach. I agree with everything he says! You NEED Long Duration, Low Intensity Cardio.


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