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Beyond Detox – Bulletproof Coffee & Bone Broth

Two trends that have rocketed in the Paleosphere (sic) and show no signs of topping just yet… You can’t swing a proverbial cat around these days seemingly without hitting somebody preaching the benefits of BPC or Bone Broth (or both)… and with good reason, too, especially if I’m in the room.. hell, you’re preaching to the choir in that case.

A Trader would tell you that both these are a "BUY".

A Trader would tell you that both these are a “BUY”.


Bulletproof® Coffee


Don't go quite this far.

Don’t go quite this far.

Coffee + Butter + MCT or coconut oil, blended.

Sounds disgusting if all you’re used to is a skinny latte, but BPC doesn’t taste too differently to just a creamy coffee; BPC was popularized but by no means invented by the (in)famous Dave Asprey – a classic tale of rags to riches (dotcom boom) to rags (dotcom bust) to riches (health guru/biohacker) American entrepreneurialism.  I actually like Asprey – his health protocol is sound, and his podcast is a decent listen too. Just don’t buy anything from him unless you like being ripped off!

Of course, you should use the best quality ingredients that you can get your hands on… although having said that I have been known to use Nescafe instant but probably wouldn’t recommend it as a first choice. It’s best if you can find natural grass fed unsalted butter..although I have to say that the best I have found is Waitrose basic unsalted butter (£1.10/250g), which is nicely soft and creamy. I prefer to use MCT rather than coconut oil to keep the taste as neutral as possible.

I sometime also add in a tablespoon of cream and a sprinkle of chia seeds. The spiel says that BPC combines a quick energy hit with a more sustained energy release, as well as promoting fat burning.

  • MCTs go directly to the liver and provide instant energy
  • Saturated Fat from the butter takes longer to be digested and absorbed, providing a more sustained energy supply
  • Caffeine provides mental/CNS stimulus and also boosts fatty acid breakdown

Hell yeah, all that sounds good to me.

Although BPC coffee is often suggested as a breakfast replacement I’m not a fan of skipping meals, so personally never use it as such; I just think of it as an upgraded coffee. I also think it’s fine to have it with decaf which I will do from time to time. Decaf still provides a slight stimulus thanks to a slight caffeine content as well as some other stimulants, namely theophylline and theobromine.. whatever they are.

Bone Broth

The hip bone's connected to the..

The hip bone’s connected to the..

Broth is almost the polar opposite of BPC. An old, traditional recipe that has been used to promote optimal health for as long as anyone can remember. It takes a few hours to prepare as opposed to a few minutes, and can easily be used as a base for many soups as well as taken as a straight drink.

There’s many recipes and ways to prepare broth – all of them will work, and all of them are delicious and nutritious.

Broth promotes gut health and is often suggested for those suffering from a “leaky” gut. It boosts your immune system, and is great for rebuilding and strengthening your ligaments and connective tissues (I’m beginning to sound like a Mercola article).  In short, it’s all upside, no downside. Get some down your gullet soon.

Broth & BPC; two very different drink, both awesome, both used extensively by yours truly. Have one; have both. Whatever floats your boat.


One comment on “Beyond Detox – Bulletproof Coffee & Bone Broth

  1. Van
    March 22, 2015

    Talk Ultra discuss BulletProof coffee on their blog:


    .. and talk about it on their latest podcast:
    (BPC coffee talk begins @ 1:54):


    Amazing that even amongst the ultra community who TalkUltra is presumably aimed at, there is still such skepticism and “fat phobia” judging by the tone of the comments & how Ian & Mark frame their discussion.


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