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Training Log Update – 09.02.2015

Egads!! Where in the blazes have the last 4 weeks gone!? We’ve just blown past another block of training and now have things like RACES to worry about in the near future. Eeek!

At the 30,000ft viewing level, training is progressing very nicely. It’s worth reflecting that I have (touch wood) remained healthy and free of niggling injuries that often hamper lots of athletes (runners in particular), and as a result have managed to be consistent and hit the volumes that I have wanted to… and I can definitely feel myself getting stronger as a result. The importance of being consistent in training is one which I have heard emphasized by the most renowned coaches such as Joe Friel and Jack Daniels (see more below).  Having been doing a lot of reading and thinking on training, one solid rule which I firmly believe in when building for up a race is to only change one variable at a time within any block of training – so if you are looking to ramp up volume, don’t increase intensity, and if you are increasing intensity, don’t try to go longer either. You may be asking too much of your body and risk injury or regression from over-training. I think this is great advice.

The long runs have been up to 2.5hrs although I find myself running them at nearer to marathon-pace rather than MAF pace, it still falls under the “less stressful” category. I have a couple more long runs to fit in, but will probably not run for any longer than 3hrs. (see point above).

A lot of my running at the moment just consists of run-commuting to & from work a couple of days a week – it’s a nice 30 minute run each way, and the perfect way to keep weekly mileage ticking over without having to sacrifice time from other areas of life. I find that I can fit in 2 or 3 hours of running a week this way, and sometimes I’ll extend the run home a bit as I find doing this to be the most time effective use of time. You know that dude who runs to and from work with his backpack? I have turned into that dude… sometimes I’ll even jump on the Turbo Trainer when I get home, turning it into a brick session, and often managing to squeeze in all my training for the day before my better half gets home – not bad going.

By the numbers

Skating: 13hrs
Running: 21hrs
Cycling: 11hrs
Strength: 6hrs

Total: 51hrs

Training Log 2015-02-08

On the face of it, it’s not that much more volume than in the last block, but what you do with those hours is important, and shifting from cycling hours to running hours makes quite a big difference in overall training stress.

So Where is all this leading? Events coming up in the next few weeks are:

Old Dear Park Half Marathon – 22.02.2015
Thames Meander Spring Marathon – 14.03.2015

I have also signed up to do the Surrey Rumble on 08.03.2015 which is a bike event put on by Twickenham Cycle Club. Several other skaters have also signed up and it looks a great low-impact event to use as a part of the marathon taper. We will be able to choose between the 60 mile or the extended 81 mile course on the day.

What else? Oh yeah, my last article on Fitness vs Speed cornering technique must have made it sound like I vaguely knew what I was talking about as it generated a few good comments from my Facebook friends . Hey guys, if you’re reading, would prefer if you commented on the blog!

Oh, and I have been reading some actual books (as opposed to articles) which is not like me…

Born to Run (Chris McDougall)
Finally got around to reading this (or more correctly, I listened to the audiobook, after signing up with Audible.co.uk). I may be a few years late to the party just as the minimalist running boom is waning, but I don’t care, it’s a great story and you will come away believing that there is hope for even the staunchest of couch potatoes. I really like Audiobooks despite them being somewhat expensive (especially compared to Kindle versions), but with the Audible deal you get to choose from 1 book a month for £8, which is not bad at all.

Ultra-Marathon Man (Dean Karnazes)
This is an instant classic which connects with the everyman. It’s funny, poignant, inspiring and self-deprecating in equal measures. Despite achieving seemingly impossible superhuman feats of endurance running, Karnazes will be the first to say that he is just an ordinary guy with a great love of life, and perhaps a slightly better tolerance for discomfort. Anybody who has yearned for freedom to just drop their troubles and pursue what makes them happy will greatly enjoy reading this book.

I’m also currently working my way through Jack Daniel’s Running Formula (3rd Edition). As a “serious” book and one of the best-known “how to” training manuals from a great coach, I find it a very different and much more precise and structured philosophy than what I have been practicing up until this point. It definitely deserves compare & contrast to the Maffetone approach.


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