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Training Log Update: Week Ending 15.03.2015

Winter’s Gone…

Hey guys!!  It’s been over 5 weeks since my last training log update – a busy period, during which a lot has happened!

We got to the business end of my winter programme, which culminated in the Richmond Park Old Deer Half-marathon, the Surrey Rumble Ride, and finally the Thames Meander Marathon. I wrote about them in more detail in my race report on each:

Old Dear Park Half-Marathon
Surrey Rumble
Thames Meander Marathon

It’s funny when you’ve been training through a long winter and then – BOOM – your first race hits, and you’ve got to shift out of training-mode and into race mode. You realise that the year is progressing rapidly and before you know it the rest of the season will be coming at you fast!

The training block was a bit up and down: although I handled the events well enough, I definitely saw a regression in my MAF in February which had me quite upset. I think I just pushed too hard and ramped up running volume too quickly, although it could easily have been a bout of winter germs – there’s certainly no shortage of nasty stuff going around at this time of year – some of it not quite strong enough to bring you down, but still iffy enough to afflict you in a subtle way. Marathon training is pretty tough on the body, and you are rarely anywhere close to 100% and firing on all cylinders during the most important parts of the training cycle.

Training Log 2015-03-15

Training Block D completed: week13 through 17.


Between races, We managed to fit in a short getaway break to Prague, Czech Republic, which was a wonderful city full of culture, friendly people, and LCHF-friendly food.  Prague is very walkable, and we did a lot of sightseeing on foot (good for aerobic conditioning). The beer is literally cheaper than water, although I stuck more to wine.. but if you want to booze it up, Prague is most definitely the place to go.

Then the following week I had a 3-day work trip to Stockholm, Sweden – or more precisely, one of the islands in the district of Stockholm, which was an absolutely stunning location. Sweden, as you may or may not have read if you follow low carb, is the first western nation to officially adopted a LCHF approach to its national dietary guidelines, and although I did not venture outside of the hotel complex and so couldn’t really tell you what is typically consumed by the natives, I can confirm that the food being served at this particular hotel was not short of delicious full-fat dairy, seafood, free-range meat, fruit and vegetables. Low-fat frankenfoods were nowhere to be seen – how refreshing!  I am certain that in time, we will see more countries follow Sweden’s approach and drop the traditional grain-based food pyramid that has been so disastrous since its insidious introduction 40+ years ago.

>Sweden Becomes First Western Nation to Reject Low-fat Diet Dogma in Favor of Low-carb High-fat Nutrition 

I was delighted to find out that both Prague and Stockholm host an annual marathon (both in May) – I would love to go back to both places to run their marathon events some time in the not-too-distant future…


Spring Is Born

… However, that will NOT be this year. Because – quite aside from the inconvenience of registration deadlines for big city marathons – we have the small matter of a 24 HOUR ULTRA SKATE EVENT coming up in just 14 weeks. Yes, boys and girls, things are about to get a little bit crazy, we are fast approaching the humongous A+ Race of the Year: 24hrs of Le Mans on Skates.  It’s coming soon – you better believe it! Expect me to be writing a lot more about skating and ultra-endurance over the next few months! And I already have at least half a dozen things that I want to write about.. Just gotta find the time to write them all…Arggh!

14 weeks is not a long time to prepare yourself for such a demanding race, and I have not skated as much as would have liked, and not at all in the last 2 weeks during the Prague & Stockholm trips.  So the priority now is to skate at least 4 times a week for the next few weeks. If you want to be a skater you have to skate. Period. That goes for any sport or activity – to become a better runner you must run; to become a better swimmer you must swim, and to become a better skater you must skate. Seems obvious, but it’s amazing how many people just pump iron over winter and think that it’s a replacement. You can do all the work you like in the gym you like but it doesn’t count for “squat” (see what I did there?) if you don’t put the time into actually doing the activity. I’d like to put in a training cycle of at least 100 hrs of skating; and there’s no point in assessing anything fitness-wise until I’ve got a solid block of skating with 20-25hrs logged. Easter is around the corner and that will be a good time to take stock of where I am compared to where I was last year, and formulate a plan from there on.

As I said, I haven’t left myself a lot of time to prepare, but I believe it’s more than enough if I do it right.

In the meantime, some pictures from Prague & Stockholm…


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