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08.06.2015 Training Update – Anndddd BREATHE!

I. Have. Peaked. Pheeewwww!

I’ve put in my highest volume training block ever: 4 consecutive weeks of consistent high mileage. Tues+Wed+Thurs midweek sessions together with back-to-back long days on weekends… all mean that I’ve bust through my personal records and am as ready as I’ll ever be.

The nitty gritty of the last 4 weeks…

Training Log 2015-06-08

4-week block ending 2015-06-07

Skate mileage:

Week 11/05: 185km (10.5hrs)
Week 18/05: 225km (11.75hrs)
Week 25/05: 265km (13.25hrs)
Week 01/06: 270km (13.5hrs)

12-13hrs may not sounds like much compared to the number of hours in a week and what is possible in some sports (cycling, ultra-running) but getting that amount of skating time is difficult – unless you are very lucky most of us don’t have the option of a good training venue on our doorstep, and spend time travelling to more suitable training venues. Nonetheless, even if that was not the case, I don’t know if I could have done too many more hours – the toll of that sort of volume on your feet and ankles is considerable.

Here’s a look at my ATP to date:

2015 Training

2015 Training

That’s 385hrs of solid training over the last 29 weeks. I have to say that sitting here at my desk, I do feel incredibly fit.. whatever that “feel” is.. the feeling that you’ve got an obscene amount of mileage in logged in your legs.. and the fatigue that goes with it!

I am SO ready to Taper now!

Evolution of Training Philosophy

Despite recording my highest volume ever, I’ll let you into a little secret.. the very longest days have actually not been quite as long as those I put in last year. My 3 highest volume days this year have “only” been 120km, 95km, 85km, while last year they came in at 150km, 130km & 90km. This is by design.

The difference this year is that I have always left enough on the table at the end of each long day, and followed up with another long day 24hrs later to log back-to-back long days. If you can’t back up any single day’s training with quality the next session, then you’ve overdone it and have defeated the point of training… long days need to be earned by proving that they don’t trash you for the rest of the week. Thus, the 120km day was followed up with a 75km day, and the 95km day was backed up with a 80km the following day… you get the picture.  These “back-to-back long days” are a staple of ultra runners who understand the importance of time on your feet and running on already fatigued legs.. it’s the 2nd day that becomes the difference maker.

Dishing It Out (But Mainly Making Sure I can Take It)

If I can summarize the last 4 weeks in one word, it would be… WINDY!  Actually, that probably goes for the last 3 months. I honestly can’t remember a period where we’ve been battered by winds so freakin’ consistently strong that you feel as if you’re skating through treacle. On one particular hill training session in Richmond Park the 40km/hr wind was enough to propel me up the hill without needing to stride, but meant I had to work in zone 3 just to get back down the hill – utterly unheard of!

Despite the winds, it has at least remained dry! I don’t think many days in the last few months have been rained off. We skaters are always somewhat at the mercy of the elements, but this year we’ve been pretty lucky on this front.

Goodwood 2015.. less pleasant than Goodwood 2014

Goodwood 2015.. less pleasant than Goodwood 2014

On Sunday 26th May some of us went down to Goodwood to take part in the annual Goodwood South Coast Roll, which is basically just access to the track for 5 hours. Over the last few years it has mostly attracted participation from the quad/roller derby crowd – probably about 10% inliners, but everyone with wheels is equally welcome. This year’s event was wet and windy (ironically one of the few real rainy days we’ve had lately), so there was never any chance that I would be able to top last year’s stirling effort of 108km, however. I did manage 80km in a shade over 4 hrs of skating and still felt good at the end, which I was pretty pleased with considering it was the 2nd consecutive long day.

I’ve also been practising my race nutrition on the long skates. Pleased to report that everything goes down and stays down. 🙂 I’m quite lucky in that I do seem to be able to hold food down in races and have never really had any bad GI issues. Touch (Good)wood.

I’ve skipped most of the street skates in the last 3 weeks and have instead chosen to spend my time more effectively, training on my own in either Battersea or Richmond park. It’s just a more efficient use of my time – I can go there straight after work, skate 40-50km, and be home for 8:30-9pm. Compare that to an evening of LFNS/LondonSkate where I might only get 25-30km skating done (and that’s if I do the obligatory 30 minute pre-skate up-and-down serp road warmup), doesn’t finish until 10pm and where I won’t get home until near 11pm – it leaves you less evening time to do other things and less time to sleep. Time becomes precious when training is like a 2nd job!

Speaking of “on my own…”

It looks like I’m going to be the only London solo this year (apart from Anna, but she is not really London-based!), as Chris has prioritized Roller Derby and Richard is Duo-ing this year. Does it matter? Not really! In case you are contemplating ever doing a solo LeMans in the future and it still hasn’t dawned on you yet, 24hr solo is all about being a billy no-mates.

Friends, I tell ye.. so overrated.

*snif sniff*


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