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Race Recovery, The Blues, and Looking Ahead

Recovery from Le Mans

Recovery has gone about as well as can be expected. Week 1 was all about resting up and doing as little as possible. The DOMs took a good 4 or 5 days to fade, which was not too bad at all. By the following weekend I felt fine from a muscular perspective, however I was still quite lethargic whenever any exercise was involved. Week 2 I began reintroducing some light workouts again – mainly running. Week 3 I was back to a 2/3rds schedule, logging around 7hrs of light exercise (I hesitate to describe it as training), and I expect that this week (4) I will just about be back to a 90% training/maintenance schedule.

I feel great, and I have to say that I think doing (run) marathons really helps your body become resilient and able to bounce back from a good thrashing in a way that non-weight bearing activities alone can’t do – 1 month to fully recover from a LeMans solo is pretty good going, considering I have heard stories of LeMans soloists (and even duoists) who took literally months to feel right afterwards. I know there are those handful of athletes who can do back-to-back ultras, but they are freaks!

In general, I think that most of us underestimate how long it takes to fully recover from a hard race that you have trained & peaked for. It represents the culmination of months of work, and if we consider that a full taper on some plans can be up to 4 weeks, that should tell us something about how long we should expect to take to fully recover. It’s not just about muscular recovery and DOMs – other systems like your cardiovascular, endocrine, and nervous systems take far longer to recover from an sustained all-out 100% effort. It’s why “race pace” efforts in training is never a good idea – the cost far outweighs the benefits.

Post-Race Blues

The problem with a mid-season A-race is that it leaves you with the rest of the year to twiddle your thumbs and contemplate what to do next. The post big-race blues are well documented in blogs and journals – after months of living, eating, training and working towards a single race, the big day comes and goes in a flash. After the euphoria has faded you’re left feeling curiously empty and flat. The road ahead that was so clearly defined has ended… replaced with an open field of possibilities – dark, fuzzy, ill-defined possibilities.

We may only be in July, but it has been a long season already. I kicked off my winter programme way back in mid-November, which puts me on week 36 on from the ATP perspective.

Looking Ahead

So what is the shape of things to come for the rest of the year? Less volume in training, and more in racing! I do not expect to do any more >15hr+ training weeks… at this stage of the season with 36 weeks behind me, my fitness is pretty much what it is, and all I can do is tailor it to specific events. It’s only now that I feel I can put all the fitness built up over the season towards more frequent racing.

Despite a couple of skate events I’ve committed to doing (LIM and Rhine on Skates), I’ve decided to focus mainly on becoming a better runner for the rest of the year and doing more running races. I’ve already signed up for a half marathon & full marathon, and there will be at least one last marathon – or perhaps an ultra – to round off the year.

I don’t feel a burning desire to do many more skate races this season – maybe I’m just a bit strung out on skating right now – so I’m just going with the flow and doing stuff that I feel like doing, and right now I feel like running more!

I’ve decided against going to the traditional season finale Berlin this year, as I couldn’t get into the running marathon, and I don’t tend to do Berlin every year. Hopefully there’ll still be a Berlin Inline marathon in 2016.

So the event schedule currently looks like this:

  • 26th July – Wimbledon Common half marathon
    I’m just getting back to running and don’t expect to race this, so will just treat it as a my long run with no specific prep or taper.
  • 8th August – London Inline Marathon
    We’ve got a new venue this year – the Olympic Park velodrome! The club board did an amazing job to make this happen, and LIM promises to be a far bigger event in 2015.
  • 30th August – Rhine On Skates
    This is not a race! But instead a friendly 100km+ group skate along the path of the Rhine in Germany.  Looking forward to this one, as everyone I know who’s done it has had good things to say about it, and it should be a nice chilled event with lots of skating.
  • 13th September – Farnham Pilgrim Marathon
    This is a new challenge – a full offroad marathon, Trail Runner Nation style. Given the profile and nature of the course, it should be my toughest running race yet. Don’t expect a PR, but it promises to be a great day out.
  • 20th September – London Ultra Duathlon
    I’m still entered for this race – 20km run, 77km bike, 10km run around Richmond Park. Should be brutal.
  • 11th Oct – A.N. Marathon/Ultra
    There’s a couple of possibilities here for a year-end race. The Kingston Marathon is local race which should be flat with PR-able course, or I may look at something a bit different and dip my toe into a full ultra. There is still time to decide, and I’ll see how training goes over the next few weeks before making up my mind…

I’ll probably be keeping a lower profile on The Blog for the next several months. There’s not really any burning topics that I want to devote much energy to at this time. Summer is the time to just get out there and put what we preach into practice. Here’s to more solid training and racing for the rest of the year…


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