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2016 Races & Results


Berlin Inline|Run (Double Start) – 24.Sep.2016

London Duathlon Classic [10km run | 44km bike | 5km run ] – 18.Sep.2016

Rhine On Skates – TBC

London Inline Marathon [Skate] – TBC

Paris 6hr [Skate] – 07.Aug.2016

Le Mans [Skate] – 02.Jul.2016

100km Rollathlon [Skate] – TBC

Barcelona Marathon [Run] – 13.Mar.2016

Hampton Court Half Marathon [Run] – 21.Feb.2016

2015 Races & Results

9BAR 9×9 [81km run] – 10.Oct.2015

London Ultra Duathlon [20km run|77km bike|10km run] – 20.Sep.2015

London Inline Marathon [skate] – 08.Aug.2015

Wimbledon Common Half Marathon [run] – 26.Jul.2015

Le Mans 24hr Roller [24hr skate] – 27.Jun.2015 | Part 2

South Coast Roll [5hr roller event] – 31.May.2015

Thames Meander Marathon [run] – 14.Mar.2015

Surrey Rumble [135km cycle/sportif] – 08.Mar.2015

Richmond Old Deer Park Half-Marathon [run] – 22.Feb.2015

2014 Races & Results

Wimbledon 10km [run] – 23.11.2014
Berlin Skate & Run double Marathon 2014
Bacchus Half Marathon 2014 (run)
Copenhagen Inline Challenge 2014 (Half & Full marathon)
London Inline Marathon 2014
Le Mans 2014 (Solo 24hr)


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