Endurance Skating

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PRs / Big Races


Current PRs

Run Marathon – 3h38:12 (2014 Thames Meander Marathon)

Run Half Marathon 1hr39:40 – 2014 Old Deer Park Richmond Half Marathon

Skate Marathon – 1h27:10 (2014 Copenhagen Inline Challenge)

Other Major Races

2015 Le Mans 24hr skate solo – 24hr – 113 laps 473km

2015 9BAR 9×9 51 mile  trail ultramarathon – 9h 45m

2014 Le Mans 24hr skate solo – 24hr – 91 laps 381km 


Le Mans fastest lap: 8m45 (haha… set back in 2012.. pretty sure I could go faster now)


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